Fabric Buildings for the Mining Industry

In mining, you need an operation that is efficient and as productive as possible, while keeping safety as the highest priority. Fabric buildings give you the versatility you need to keep your crews and equipment working as effectively as possible. Build a structure within weeks right in the heart of your operations for quick truck maintenance and access to stored materials. And when your operations move to the next location, take your building with you. Imagine building solutions that provide you all of the safety and protection you need, while being flexible enough to fit your ever-changing operations.

Benefits of Fabric Buildings for Mining

Quick Construction

Have your building constructed in a matter of weeks enhancing your operations sooner than you expected!


Move your building with your operations. Fabric structures can be designed to be dismantled and relocated to keep your facility as efficiently located as possible.

Clearspan Space

Freely move large equipment around your space without having to maneuver around columns or posts. Clearspan buildings allow you to utilize the full area of your structure and customize it to your needs.

Natural Light for a Safe & Efficient Workspace

Translucent fabric cladding allows light into every corner of the workspace providing a more enjoyable work environment, and a safer one too.

Heavy Duty Vehicle Maintenance Shops

One of the most popular applications for fabric covered structures in the mining industry are heavy duty vehicle maintenance and repair workshops. Norseman Summit’s structures can be designed for optimal height clearances allowing you to service your largest equipment at close proximity to site. Reduce the down time of your equipment and increase your productivity.

Mining truck shops can also be heated and ventilated to making your work environment comfortable and safe all year round. Full mechanical and electrical packages are available with insulation packages and heat recovery solutions to minimize heat loss. In addition, add a bridge crane to the inside of your structure to enhance your repair capabilities.

Aggregate Storage

Looking for a place to store ammonium nitrate for blasting all year long? Look no further. Our Titan-S series is a perfect solution for stockpile storage. These facilities are complete with load-in and load-out systems, and conveyance running through the building to ensure your material is stored right where you want it. Purchase bulk materials and keep it on hand for when you’re ready to blast.

Core Logging and Cutting Facility

Facilities are needed at every phase of the mining process. Fabric buildings offer ideal space for core logging and cutting. The clearspan space allows you to set up your processing as efficiently as possible for your business. Take advantage of the natural light to provide a bright environment that is easy to work in or insulate and heat your facility to create the most comfortable workspace for your team.


Every mine site needs access to parts and materials. Keep your assets out of the elements and in an organized, easy to access location. Whether you need heated storage or cold storage, Norseman Summit Structures has a solution for you. All of our buildings are engineered to withstand that harshest weather conditions, from heavy snow to strong winds. Protect your materials all year round.

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